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Having Refrigerator Problems?

To make sure your refrigerator is running properly, please watch for these early signs:

  • Frost build up on the back wall of the freezer side.
  • Ice build up in the Fresh Food side.
  • Ice build up on the buttom of the freezer side.
  • Thawing of food in the freezer.
  • Any abnormal or loud nonises.
  • Water leak inside refrigerator.
  • Water leak under refrigerator.
  • Fresh Food side not cold enough.
  • Freezer side not cold enough.

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Refrigerator 101
Everything you need to know about your refrigerator - from an appliance repair tech's point of view!
Chances are, you went to buy a refrigerator and a sales guy didn't tell you that you need to take care of your refrigerator. At least from my experience many have told me that, nobody told them they needed to do maintenance on their refrigerator.

Whether you have a built-in refrigerator, or stand alone, it needs regular maintenance! What ... - ...Maintenance? Refrigerator just like a car has a motor that is constantly running and overheating, and just like a car it also has a cooling mechanism to cool the motor off. Combination of condenser fan and condenser itself are responsible to cool the motor off. That is why it is important for condenser coils to be in clean condition and clear of dust. Otherwise the life of your compressor significantly shortens. Depending on what type of refrigerator you have, your condenser could be on the bottom front or bottom back of the refrigerator. Built-in units usually have them on the top of the unit. Coils should be vacuumed; some coils are so thinly spaced you can’t get anywhere near to vacuum. Any signs of mold in the refrigerator should not be left ignored, specially if you have small children in your house. Watch for mold build up around door seals, ice dispenser, water dispenser and ice maker. How often should you have maintenance done to your refrigerator? Generally speaking you should have maintenance done once every two years preferably before summer. If you have house pets you should do it once a year.

Hidden Dangers:
Refrigerator’s water line system - tubes burst, crack and snap from constant heat that is coming from the compressor, plastic tubes get so hard that they eventually crack open causing flooding damage. If your refrigerator is more than 5 years old and didn’t have a water line serviced or replaced, I would highly recommend doing it as soon as you can. It is trouble in the waiting.

Leaving house for vacation! Yay, vacation!!! Who doesn't love vacations? But before you leave for vacation don't forget to take care of your refrigerator, because you don't want to come back to an unpleasant surprise waiting for you at home. Before you leave for vacation, turn off your ice maker in the refrigerator (it might be on/off button, it could be an arm.) You don’t want an Ice maker make too much ice. Ice maker’s ice production increases in the ideal conditions, that is - when nobody opens freezer door, causing an ice maker to make tons of ice. I would also recommend turning off the water supply to the refrigerator, just in case a water line breaks and you are not home. Sometimes water channel leading to the ice maker completely freezes up creating back pressure on those water tubes, which might cause different kinds of trouble. That water line on some GE Refrigerators is aligned right above computer board in the back of the refrigerator, and that water leak will cause damage to the computer board.

Signs of trouble
Things to look out for: On some models, not all - door seal should be always warm, if it is hot when you touch it –it's a sign of trouble. Noise coming from inside, like a fan chopping on ice. Electric buzzing noise coming from the back. Condensation in freezer side. Condensation in fresh food side – Bad seal leaking warm air, back light switch causing light bulb to stay always on even when you close the door – heat so high I’ve seen it melt plastic housing around the light. Frost built up on the back wall of the freezer side. Frost building up around ice dispenser channel – cause by bad door chute (very common issue). Water on the bottom of the fresh food side. Sheet of ice on bottom of freezer side compartment.