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Everything you need to know about your washer:
Washers are fairly easy to take care of, unlike dryers they don’t require to be disassembled for maintenance.
Brand new washers do not need any maintenance for the first year, although we would highly recommend starting to care for your washer from day one. If your washer is over two years old the chances are, you can notice mildew starting to build up around seal and odor is starting to get stronger.
All these are signs of lack of preventative maintenance.
Do not use washer without supervision. Don’t turn on washer before you leave the house or go to bed – incase of any problem there should be someone who is able to stop the machine.

Signs of trouble – things to look out for:
Check if your agitator dogs are worn out – agitator should rotate to one side only. If you are able to rotate agitator both directions you need to replace agitator dogs. Do your clothes come out soaking wet after spin cycle? You might need to replace belt or thrust bearing kit. Do your clothes come out of the washer with brown stains? - Your main seal might be worn out and leaking oil from bearing into the washer leaving brown stains on your clothes.

Preventative maintenance:
Front load washer machines – One of the easiest things to do to prevent from costly repairs is to empty all pockets from coins hair pins, any small and sharp objects. So many times the door seal was ripped and punctured by objects left the pockets. Drain pumps are also number one victims of foreign objects left in the pockets. For Front loading machine before and after each cycle use a wet towel and carefully wipe the rubber seal inner side of the seal. On some washers it’s easy to empty out your drain filter on some it’s hard. If you can do it yourself you should do it at least twice a year, otherwise have an appliance company do it for you once a year. Usually filters are located on the bottom front part of the washer. When the door is closed there’s no air ventilation in the washer, that’s why manufacturers recommend leaving the door slightly ajar for washer to have some air circulation, it might be dangerous if you have little kids. Kids can lock themselves inside the washers. Buy “washer magic” and use it as directed on the label. This will prevent washer from building up bacteria and mildew in the areas where you can’t easily reach. Most of the washers use HE (high efficient) detergents. Make sure you don’t use more than directed by the detergent manufacturer. Many problems arise from using too much detergent.

Top Loader – With top loads it is much easier to care for. Due to open design in the top load machines, even when the lid is shut closed there’s plenty of air circulation going through the washer. Generally top loaders have fewer issues with odor compared to front loaders. Top loaders also do not have removable drain filter that you need to empty out. The only thing we would recommend to use “washer magic” to make sure there is no mildew build up in the hard to reach areas.

Maytag front load washer - under company's voluntary recall. Maytag MAH8700 and MAH9700 are affected by this recall. Water leak causes the washer to catch on fire. If you are concerned about your washer please give us a call for advise (844) 247- 2349.